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JHU Food Access

Addressing the Issue of Food Access in Baltimore City

This blog is the work of six Johns Hopkins University students and their TAs (Teaching Assistant).


Julia Broach, Yael Fishbein, Melyssa Haubenstricker, Peter Huether, Lena Miller, and Kiran Parasher


Evelyn Feeney and Kristen Politis

Environmental Photojournalism and Filmmaking in the Era of New Media:

“Students will review critical literature focusing on new media, visual representation theory, the relationship between images and social change, the history and typology of environmental photography and film, and an overview of modern environmental history, sustainability issues and environmental problems. Over the course of the semester, students will blend these conceptual frameworks with new media production. Based in Baltimore, students will identify an environmental narrative, document their particular story through photography or film, develop a new media platform through which to communicate that narrative effectively, and write a final paper analyzing their images, narrative and communication strategies using the theoretical frameworks covered throughout the course. The course is designed with an emphasis on independent research and practice, interdisciplinary analysis and application” (Johns Hopkins University Course Description).


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